What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Patriot Act’ and ‘Ray Donovan’

What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Patriot Act’ and ‘Ray Donovan’

Hasan Minhaj’s late-night show debuts on Netflix. And “Ray Donovan” returns to Showtime.

PATRIOT ACT WITH HASAN MINHAJ on Netflix. To make things fresh for his new late-night show, the “Daily Show” alum Hasan Minhaj has ditched the traditional desk and chair, instead presenting on his feet on a stage half-cocooned by screens. Those familiar with Minhaj’s sharp, self-referential perspective from his 2017 Netflix special, “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King,” or from “The Daily Show,” probably already expect him to differentiate himself from other late-night shows through sheer force of personality. In an interview with The New York Times, Minhaj said he planned to go after stories that personally interested him rather than feeling obligated to weigh in on every issue in a given news cycle. “I have no desire,” he said, “to be the 19th hyena jumping on the carcass.”

EX LIBRIS (2017) on Kanopy. The theatrical release of the documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman’s latest movie, “Monrovia, Indiana,” may have some searching for an introduction or a reintroduction to this director’s large body of work. A good place to start is his previous film, “Ex Libris,” which focuses on the inner workings of the New York Public Library. The movie is delivered with Wiseman’s signature patient observation, which, Manohla Dargis wrote in her review for The Times, “gathers details ranging from the prosaic to the peculiar” to create an “evolving mosaiclike picture.” Like all other titles on the streaming service Kanopy, the film can be viewed free. All you need is a library card.

BAD SAMARITAN (2018) on Amazon. This horror film focuses on Sean (Robert Sheehan), a young thief who breaks into the home of an ultra-wealthy man (David Tennant) and, by doing so, discovers that the man is a serial killer. What happens next feels “a bit like a tribute to the cheesy deluxe-house-of-guilty-mirrors thrillers of the ’80s and ’90s,” Glenn Kenny wrote in his review for The Times. He didn’t think the movie was great, but he did write that Tennant “just goes utterly bananas here.”

EXETER on SundanceTV. Jeanne Tripplehorn (“Big Love”) and Ray McKinnon (“Rectify,” “Sons of Anarchy”) star in this true-crime podcast, which is presented with animated captioning that illustrates what’s being said. This has the double effect of giving listeners something to look at and making the podcast accessible to audiences with hearing disabilities.

RAY DONOVAN 9 p.m. on Showtime. After five seasons in Los Angeles, Ray Donovan has moved to New York. That brings the series, which stars Liev Schreiber as a fixer for the wealthy, a little bit closer to its title character’s South Boston home. Expect the intensity of previous seasons to remain. “Everything is exhausting,” Schreiber recently told The Times of shooting Season 6. “You just want to get in bed with a pint of ice cream at the end of the day.” New Yorkers may relate.

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