The Cry on BBC spoilers: Noah already dead as Joanna and Alistair’s sick plan revealed? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Cry on BBC spoilers: Noah already dead as Joanna and Alistair’s sick plan revealed? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Throughout The Cry, the police tried to piece together what happened to Joanna (played by Jenna Coleman) and Alistair’s (Ewen Leslie) baby Noah after he appeared to have gone missing when they went to a shop.

It appeared as though the child had been left in the car and was taken as his parents went inside the shop.

However the final moments of the show appeared to hint at a much darker storyline which involves both Joanna and Alistair.

Viewers were left shocked as it was revealed, Noah had never been in the car in the first place.

Police had been searching for a yellow bib throughout tonight’s episode of The Cry.

And they failed to find it as Joanna had been keeping hold of it all along.

Sitting in the garden of Alistair’s mother’s home, Joanna showed it to her partner.

He replied: “I know. I found it under your pillow.”

“Sorry, I needed something,” she explained.

Joanna then asked: “If we could go back, could we have done anything differently?”

“We’ve done the right thing. The only thing that makes sense,” Alistair reassured her.

Joanna continued: “Alistair, Chloe and Alexandra, they don’t deserve this.”

“We just need to let this play out. They can’t ever find out,” Alistair warned her. “These cops are smart but we’re smarter.”

The episode then cut to Alistair and Joanna arriving at the store the night Noah appeared to go missing.

After Alistair got out of the car, Joanna was seen counting as the camera slowly revealed Noah was not in the back seat of the car.

Viewers instantly rushed to Twitter to comment on the latest twist and reveal their theories with many fearing Alistair and Joanna had set up his ex-wife Alexander.

“Noah must have died in the car before getting to the cottage that’s why alistar was trying to keep the cleaner away and Joanna was sick. They know what happened, they are framing the ex wife and Joanna is on trial for doing something to alistar. Cracked ittttttt #TheCry,” one viewer shared.

Another added: “#TheCry oh my God they’ve set up the ex-wife to get his daughter back? Are they in it together? What do you think?”

A third wrote: “God damn that’s a plot twist #TheCry.”

“My #thecry theory is they’re setting Alex up so they can get custody of the other kid,” another continued.

The Cry continues Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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