Strangers spoilers John Simm fans fume over missing ITV subtitles | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Strangers spoilers John Simm fans fume over missing ITV subtitles | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Up until now, fans watching Strangers knew British Professor Jonah Mulray’s (played by John Simm) life was turned upside-down after his wife, Megan Harris, was killed in a car-crash in Hong Kong.

Jonah traveled to Hong Kong after hearing the news, but was immediately suspicious and overwhelmed by the events surrounding his wife’s death.

He discovered that Megan led a secret life and had another husband named David Chen (Anthony Wong) – but the truth and clues are finally starting to unravel.

Tonight’s episode saw Jonah go undercover to find out once and for all whether David was connected to Megan’s death.

Along the way, he had to confront a triad and known killer, claiming he was the real killer.

However, during a scene at a wedding, Jonah went and hid in a toilet after the known killer and his family had conversations in the bathroom.

Jonah sat on the toilet seat for a long while as the pair spoke in Chinese, but the show had failed to write the Chinese subtitles underneath.

Jonah didn’t seem to make any expressions, but somehow seemed to know what was said.

Fans at home were left fuming and have now seemingly given up on the show altogether.

Viewers took to social media in their droves to complain about the lack of subtitling, causing them problems with understanding the pivotal storylines.

One viewer tweeted: “Even the subtitle people have given up and gone home #Strangers.”

“What happened to the subtitles?!! #Strangers,” questioned another.

A third wrote: “Someone forgot to put the subtitles on #bored and struggling to stay awake #Strangers.”

“Anyone know what the f**k is going on? Or does anyone even care anymore? #Strangers,” posted another.

A fifth huffed: “Keep up with the subtitles… Many are missing tonight #strangers #strangersitv.”

“Twitter tweets are more interesting than #Strangers at least I can understand them,” said another.

One added that Jonah would also not understand, adding: “Aaaaand he didn’t understand a word of what he just overheard!! #Strangers.”

A synopsis for next week’s episode hints towards a conclusion. Will Jonah finally get all the answers?

It reads: “Megan’s last bequest leaves a trail of money that leads Jonah and David straight into the perilous jaws of Third Empire.”

Strangers continues next Monday on at 9pm.

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