Seth Meyers Calls Trump The ‘Wackiest’ U.S. Politician Ever

Seth Meyers Calls Trump The ‘Wackiest’ U.S. Politician Ever

On a campaign trip to Nevada to support the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, President Donald Trump couldn’t resist labeling the Democratic rival with a derogatory nickname, and that did not escape the notice of Seth Meyers.

On Saturday at a campaign rally for Sen. Dean Heller, Trump talked about everything but the Republican incumbent, Meyers said. But the president did brag about his nickname for the Democratic candidate, U.S. Rep. Jacky Rosen ― “Wacky Jacky.”

“Good job, man. You might not be qualified to be president, but you’re totally qualified to work for the New York Post,” Meyers said Monday on “Late Night,” showing a 1993 New York Post headline about Michael Jackson that said “Wacko Jacko Backo.”

Meyers was not impressed with the nickname Trump came up with. “That is not a great nickname,” the talk-show host said. “You just thought of a word that rhymes with Jacky. He acts like he was up all night surrounded by crumpled papers trying to come up with the perfect name.”

Meyers advised Trump to steer away from calling anyone wacky.

“Of all the politicians we’ve ever had, you are by far the wackiest,” Meyers said. “You hugged a flag. You touched a glowing orb. You pretended to drive a firetruck.

“You shouldn’t live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You should live at 1602 Pennsylvania Avenue and be the White House’s wacky neighbor.”

Check out the video above to see what Meyers says about Trump’s ability to differentiate between millions, billions and trillions.

Late Night

Seth Meyers says on “Late Night” that President Donald Trump is qualified to work for the New York Post.

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