Our Girl CANCELLED: Fans in UPROAR as BBC deliver cruel last minute blow | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Our Girl CANCELLED: Fans in UPROAR as BBC deliver cruel last minute blow | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Fans of the BBC military drama have been eagerly waiting for the next instalment as the last few weeks have already seen schedule changes to coincide with the 2018 World Cup. 

Last week the series episode altogether and this week’s offering was pushed from its regular slot on Tuesday at 9pm 

Planned to air tonight, viewers were patiently waiting for the next gripping instalment when the BBC suddenly posted a message across the screen. 

Just as  faced off against each other, a newsflash read: “Our Girl will now air Tuesday at 9pm”. 

Outraged by the last-minute change to accommodate  tennis game, viewers swamped to Twitter to express their views to the broadcaster. 

One person posted: “@BBCOne really!!!! Not impressed with having to now wait til next week for #ourgirl I’m sure you could have kept it on BBC2, I’m sure no one would mind the proms being taken off!!!!”

“Actually angry how #OurGirl has been cancelled because of the football and now because of Wimbledon? Do BBC not realise that not everyone wants to want football or Wimbledon? @BBCOne,” another asked.

A third agreed: “@BBCOne sooo annoyed you’ve pushed back #OurGirl again! Not everyone likes sports! Waited since Tuesday only to be told that you’re not showing it for Wimbledon.”

While a fourth puzzled fan asked: “Hold up why can’t they show our girl somewhere else?! Why did they put Wimbledon on for half hour knowing it was going to run over?! #OurGirl.”

The moment was still sore when the BBC appeared to post a scheduled tweet from earlier.

Seemingly unaware of the change, the show’s official Twitter account wrote: “Georgie’s back! @michkeegan returns in #OurGirl. Starting now on @BBCOne.”

Fans continued to share their upset, as one person ordered: “@bbctvcentre whats up with cancelling #ourgirl for the third time this week? You’re killing me! Just stick it on iPlayer.”

“They pushed #OurGirl again. I don’t want to have to wait again, that will be two weeks now,” another person noted.

A third raged: “Are you f*****g joking @bbc #OurGirl.”

“You can tell it’s Friday the 13th!!! They have just cancelled #OurGirl til next Tuesday, not impressed at all!” another superstitious fan noted.

Last week’s episode saw newcomer Bones (played by Olly Rix) killed in a completely unexpected and tragic scene at the end.

Captain James (Ben Aldridge) returned to the team as a result, leaving Georgie (Michelle Keegan) dumbfounded by the realisation they would have to work together once more.

Making the tough decision to steer clear, Georgie declared she was transferring to another section as their feelings became harder and harder to ignore.

But will fan-favourite couple Captain James and Molly Dawes (Lacey Turner) split up regardless?

Our Girl season 4 continues Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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