Once Her Horse Approved, She Knew He Was a Keeper

Once Her Horse Approved, She Knew He Was a Keeper

Unbeknown to them, they were neighbors in the same off-campus apartment building.

“Josh has an infectious laugh that I could hear through my open bedroom window whenever he was attending a party in one of the apartments on the floors below,” Ms. Finlay-Hunt said. “Though I was usually trying to study, it never worked, and I would always wander down to find out what was so very funny.”

They became fast friends, and a few months later Mr. Tarrant-Windt and a college friend of Ms. Finlay-Hunt visited her family farm in North Salem, where they enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner. Every member of her family approved of Mr. Tarrant-Windt, including Jack, her thoroughbred horse.

“Jack bonded with Josh as soon as they met,” Ms. Finlay-Hunt said. “Once I was able to see that Jack really liked him, I knew Josh had to be a good egg, and from that night on, we were inseparable.”

By February 2012, their friendship was turning to love.

“He’s charismatic, very funny, and happens to be the smartest man I ever met,” Ms. Finlay-Hunt said. “I dated guys before who couldn’t cut it, but when I met Josh I was the one who was intimidated.”

Mr. Tarrant-Windt said that Ms. Finlay-Hunt was “so easy to get along with.”

“I really cherished the time we spent together,” he said. “She was such an amazing person, and when she wasn’t with me, all I could do was just think about her, and wonder where she was and what she was doing.”

On a bitterly cold day that same month, Ms. Finlay-Hunt was showing another friend from college and her younger brother around the city, and though most of her other friends had bowed out, Mr. Tarrant-Windt tagged along.

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