MSNBC Host Mocks Trump’s Phone Call, Wishes For ‘English To English’ Translator

MSNBC Host Mocks Trump’s Phone Call, Wishes For ‘English To English’ Translator

MSNBC host Ali Velshi took aim at Donald Trump on Monday following the president’s televised phone call with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who had a translator on the line. 

Velshi suggested that maybe there should’ve been a translator for Trump as well. 

“We had simultaneous translation from the Spanish to English for the Mexican president,” Velshi said in a clip posted online by Raw Story. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have simultaneous translation for the English to the English because the president made not a whole lot of sense there.”


Despite what President Trump says, this new deal with Mexico is “not a replacement for NAFTA,” MSNBC host Ali Velshi said. 

Trump indicated his deal with Mexico would replace NAFTA ― which he called “a deal that was a horrible deal for our country” ― even though it doesn’t include Canada, although that may change.  

We’re starting negotiations with Canada pretty much immediately,” Trump said. “I can’t tell you where those negotiations are gone.”

According to The New York Times, Trump’s agreement with Mexico was not a replacement for NAFTA but rather a revision of parts that leave the core intact.

That was a point Velshi also made during a discussion with CNBC’s Ron Insana.

“It’s a point of understanding,” Insana said of the deal with Mexico. “That sounds like a framework agreement, that’s where details still have to be filled in.”

“It’s not a replacement for NAFTA,” Velshi said. 

“It is not,” Insana confirmed. “Congress would have to approve that. Also, Canada would have to join that process as well and be signatory to it. NAFTA remains in effect. Now the president can repeal and replace, but it would take Congressional approval and all three countries to agree to a framework like that.” 

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