Meet Josh Shapiro, the Man Behind the Bombshell Investigation of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Meet Josh Shapiro, the Man Behind the Bombshell Investigation of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Did you ever encounter any pushback fighting the Catholic Church on this issue as a Jewish man?

Certainly I’ve experienced anti-Semitism. There were a number of statements, emails. I don’t read a lot of my social media, but social media postings like that, that were just clearly anti-Semitic. I frankly don’t pay any of that much mind.

If at the end of the day, your response to the grand jury report, which uncovered this type of horrific abuse and cover-up, is to attack me with an anti-Semitic slur, then frankly you’ve got the issue.

In the midst of this investigation, you’ve been aggressive on a number of other fronts. What do you see as your role in this political moment?

There’s a lot the president does that I disagree with, but I’m not some congressman that just opines all day about stuff. My job is to adhere to the rule of law and make sure the law is being followed.

Where I see it not happening, like for example when the president decided he didn’t like Obamacare’s guarantee that women would have access to contraception, and just one day did away with it, whether you agree or disagree with his decision — I obviously disagree — the fact is that the rule of law requires him to continue to provide access to contraception. We sued and won a nationwide injunction. Similarly, when he authored his travel ban, which ultimately became law, the second one or third one, I didn’t sue him. Even though I thought it was the worst policy and makes us less safe and is fundamentally wrong, I thought what he did was lawful.

So, what happens next? You’ve got a big political fight coming up in the Legislature now about changing statute of limitation laws.

The majority leader in the statehouse has said their first order of business is going to be to bring up a bill that will basically contain these four recommendations. I don’t know how any responsible lawmaker, after reading this report, and reading the specific recommendations of the grand jury, could not vote in favor of that legislation.

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