Into the Wild With Kanye West

Into the Wild With Kanye West

Over the past few weeks, he has worked on the release of five albums: His eighth LP, “Ye,” and his collaboration with Kid Cudi, “Kids See Ghosts,” as well as records by Pusha-T, Nas and Teyana Taylor that he produced.

Much of that music was made here. He’s been coming to this area regularly since early 2017, a couple of months after his hospital stay. “We came here just for healing,” he said earlier in the day. “Getting my brain together and [expletive].” He was medicated then — he’d recently received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder — but over time, he began “learning how to not be on meds,” adding proudly, “I took one pill in the last seven days.”

The night before, he’d hosted a listening party for “Ye,” flying in hundreds of fellow artists, coastal cool kids, and representatives of the press, radio and streaming services to eat barbecue and dance around a bonfire. After everyone who had been imported for the affair was exported back home — “We turned jumbo jets to Uber,” he said, grinning — Kanye was taking a slow Friday. At Big Hole BBQ, the restaurant that had catered the event, he had a half-slab of ribs, wings, fries, slaw and beans, and washed it down with a Mary’s Nipple, a vodka-lemonade concoction.

And though it was almost two miles from the restaurant to the Movieworks Cinema 4, where he wanted to see “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” he decided to walk.

The day was bright, crisp, a little cool, and his step was brisk. He was wearing a black-gray-and-white flannel shirt, black Patagonia fleece pants, unreleased Yeezy 700s and an industrial-orange ski cap. His security was pacing him in a pair of black Suburbans, going slow in the fast lane, or slipping in and out of adjacent parking lots.

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