Growing Up Getty – The New York Times

Growing Up Getty – The New York Times

The extra-close connection between Ms. Getty and her children did not strike me as weird. It must be difficult to find people who understand what it means to live as a Getty. Not only do they breathe rarefied air, they also must contend with “the curse” — the stubborn tabloid narrative that wealth has forever doomed the family to tragedy and scandal. Ms. Getty clearly feels pressure to avoid adding proof points.

“Any parent could take a lesson from Ari in raising children — her love, her compassion,” said Caitlyn Jenner, whose work for transgender rights has brought her into Ms. Getty’s orbit. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but her kids are remarkable. Unapologetically themselves.”

It’s a little hard to miss.

Nats has an unmistakable energy, kind of a magnetic force, that makes her seem exciting and a bit dangerous: Come too close and you might get zapped, for better or worse. Tattoos on her arms read, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned” and “Things turned out so evil.” She is engaged to Gigi Gorgeous, who became a YouTube star by documenting her gender transition.

August, who is single, has compared himself to a unicorn, “halfway between fantasy and reality,” as he told Los Angeles Confidential magazine in early 2015, not long after unveiling his first collection at New York Fashion Week. (He has since dressed celebrities including Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr and Rachel McAdams.) Like his sister, whom he calls his muse, August has a brooding intensity. But I found him more eager to please.

“Growing up, I was swinging from trees and skateboarding and, like, busting my teeth the day before school pictures,” Nats said. “And August would be inside making these incredible, whimsical fantasies for his Barbies. He’s my best friend, my father figure, my mentor.”

August and Nats, which is short for Natalia, let it all hang out. He readily shared his coming-out story with me. (He was 15, and it involved a room-service waiter at the Sunset Tower Hotel.) She displays an affinity for pasties and cigarettes on Instagram, where she has 130,000 followers.

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