Erdogan Has Won the Sweeping Powers He Says He Needed in Turkey. Now What?

Erdogan Has Won the Sweeping Powers He Says He Needed in Turkey. Now What?

“The economy is suffering, there is an issue of performance in some areas, but those were not reflected in the vote,” he added.

Economists say Mr. Erdogan needs to cut public spending, including expensive subsidies for gasoline and electricity. Turkey borrowed heavily in recent years on international markets, and now faces a bill of $250 billion a year to finance the debt and the country’s current account, which is also deteriorating. This could force it to seek help from the International Monetary Fund.

But few say they think he will take the necessary measures. “Erdogan must do a surgical operation on the economy,” Mr. Gurses, the Hurriyet correspondent, said. “I don’t think he will be able to do it since municipal elections are coming in March 2019, but Turkey cannot sustain the situation any longer.”

“The Turkish economy cannot stay on hold,” he added.

In light of the growing economic gloom, it would seemingly behoove Mr. Erdogan to moderate his foreign policy, dialing back the anti-Western policies and language. But he comes across as a prideful man and seems reluctant to back down, especially now that he is relying to some extent on the Nationalist Movement Party, or M.H.P., which preserved Mr. Erdogan’s majority in the Parliament.

The leader of that party, Devlet Bahceli, has made it clear that he will demand concessions for his support, and that he will push an agenda that is anti-Syrian, anti-Kurd and anti-Western, at least rhetorically. He has indicated he would not agree to Mr. Erdogan reaching out to any of the opposition parties after the election.

According to a post on Twitter by Mr. Unluhisarcikli, the Marshall Fund director, “The weight of M.H.P. not only on domestic but also foreign policy will likely increase in the upcoming period, which is not a good sign for Turkey trans-Atlantic relations.”

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