Countryfile weather: UK to face hot temperatures after cold spells | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Countryfile weather: UK to face hot temperatures after cold spells | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Louise gave her predictions on Countryfile toward the end of the BBC show.

She said: “I can tell you there’s something in here for gardeners, growers and for amateur ramblers because if you’re pining for the summer warmth, just take a look at this.

“In the middle of the week we could see temperatures in Scotland at 20 degrees, maybe 24 somewhere in central and southern England.

“That’s 75 fahrenheit and we haven’t seen temperatures like that for the 10th of October for over 40 years.”

Louise went on to explain the reason why the temperatures were so astronomical for this time of year.

She continued: “I can tell you one of the reasons, well it’s all tied into the jet stream.

“We’re going to see quite an amplified jet developing over the next couple of days and all the time the UK will be to the south of that jet and that’s going to allow a subtle change in wind direction to drag in something a little bit warmer through the mid part of the week.”

However, Scotland will see rainfall persist tonight.

“But before then I can also tell you there is a fair stripe of cloud. Warm, moist air from the weather front is driving into Scotland, wind with it as well.

“It’s brought a couple of inches of rain so far today and it’s going to bring relentless rain tonight, into tomorrow and also for Tuesday.

“So a wet start across parts of Northern Ireland to central and western areas of Scotland.

“Further south we’ll see that south westerly flow driving in more cloud so eastern areas will see the best of the sunshine and highest values of perhaps 18 degrees.”

Louise then looked toward the rest of the week.

“As we move out of Monday into Tuesday we’ve still got that feed of warm, moist air, persistent and at times heavy rain into far northwest,” she announced.

“There could be some localised flooding before this rain eases off particularly in western Scotland.

“Still breezy from the south westerly direction and here we will see a little more in the way of sunshine coming through and so a little more warmth, 20 degrees into Tuesday.

“As we come out of Tuesday into Wednesday, subtle change but an important one, the wind direction changes a little more to a southernly one bringing the warmth of the continent and hopefully going to push that weather front out of Scotland and prevent that rain from being an issue here.

“It’s also going top drag up this warmer, drier air and produce this prospect on Wednesday.”

Louise then added: “The only fly in the ointment could be if we see lighter winds at this time of year prone to mist and fog patches developing.

“So fingers crossed there’s enough of a breeze to lift that quite readily away and we’ll see settled weather on Wednesday – the best day of the week for the drier weather and for the warmth.

“On Thursday there’s more potential for cloud and perhaps a few isolated showers. Still pleasantly warm with temperatures above the average for this time of year.”

Countryfile airs Sundays on BBC One.

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