Collateral cast: Who stars in BBC drama Collateral? What will happen? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Collateral cast: Who stars in BBC drama Collateral? What will happen? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Who stars in BBC series Collateral?

Collateral is a multi-layered drama with an ensemble cast that sees The Great Gatsby and An Education actress Carey Mulligan taking the lead as detective Kip Glaspie.

The BBC show sees Nathaniel Martello-White by her side as fellow police officer Nathan Bilk.

Life On Mars star John Simm takes on the part of Labour MP and shadow cabinet member David Mars.

Penny Dreadful and Doctor Who actress Billie Piper portrays his unpredictable wife Karen Mars.


Nicola Walker of Last Tango in Halifax and Unforgotten fame plays lesbian vicar Jane Oliver.

While Game of Thrones actress Kae Alexander stars as Jane’s girlfriend and the only witness to the murder Linh Xuan Huy. 

Ben Miles from The Crown is police superior Jack Haley, who could be one of the key players in this drama.

Meanwhile, Hayley Squires plays Laurie Stone, the manager of the pizza delivery shop where the victim worked.

Wallander and Born to Kill’s Jeany Spark plays the part of Sandrine Shaw.  

What is BBC drama Collateral about? 

The four-part BBC drama features a whole host of big names to take on the hard-hitting drama penned by playwright Sir David Hare. 

The show is set in present-day London and starts with the murder of a pizza delivery man, who is gunned down on a doorstep moments after making the drop off. 

His killer vanishes off into the night with only one witness to the crime, who is unknown to the police. 

As the story unfolds, the police start to realise that there’s more to the case than just a needless killing with no motive.

But it isn’t just the police who are involved in the case, local politicians and even members of the clergy are tied into this dark tale. 

When does Collateral air on BBC Two?

Collateral will be starting on BBC Two tonight (Monday, February 12) at 9pm.

There will be a total of four episodes, each an hour long which will be airing in the same time slot. 

Speaking about what drew her to the role, Mulligan said at a recent screening: “I wanted to do something about now. I like not doing the same thing. 

“I love doing period drama, thinking that they all have something to say about now. But they were about today and so I was interested to do something contemporary.

“I was interested to play this woman who is a professional but not a dogsbody and has a real backbone.”

Collateral starts on BBC Two tonight at 9pm.

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