4 Things to Watch as House Democrats Usher In Divided Government

4 Things to Watch as House Democrats Usher In Divided Government

“Let’s hear more for pre-existing medical conditions,” she said in a somewhat awkward rallying cry.

But the Democratic victory in the House, and the fact that Republicans were put on the defensive on the issue, means that the stalled effort to repeal the new health care law is dead for now.

Instead, Democrats intend to place a heightened emphasis on legislation that would lower the cost of prescription drugs, with a goal of getting a bill into the Senate and making Republicans take a stand on the issue. It is one area where House Democrats may align more with Mr. Trump, who has also embraced efforts to lower drug costs, than Senate Republicans.

Mr. McConnell acknowledged Wednesday that repeal was off the table, but said that continued problems with the health care law still needed to be taken on, only now on a bipartisan basis. “Rhetoric doesn’t solve the problem,” he said.

Democrats also say they intend to push other stymied legislation initiatives that could put them at odds with Senate Republicans, such as heightening background checks for gun buyers and making permanent a program that protects undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children.

The midterm win will give House Democrats the all-important committee chairmanships that will enable them to pursue investigations of Mr. Trump and the executive branch. Democrats also plan to move rapidly on a package of campaign finance and ethics rules changes.

“Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans; it is about restoring the Constitution, checks and balances to the Trump administration,” Ms. Pelosi said late Tuesday night in a warning shot to the administration.

The president fired back early Wednesday with a warning of his own.

“If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level,” Mr. Trump said in a tweet. “Two can play that game!”

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